You should choose to add Pinterest to your other accounts if it will increase brand exposure and gain a broader customer base. The interests and behavior of your audience should influence which platforms you choose.

  • According to statistics, 49% of those that use Pinterest are mostly there to get entertained.
  • One-third of the users in the US claim that they use the social media platform to follow brands and other companies, which is the second-most popular reason behind the use of Pinterest.
  • 85% of Pinners also claim to use the platform to plan new projects.

(Aslam, 2021)

What should you post?

It’s essential to align your social media strategy with your goals. Start by asking whether you know the goals you’re trying to achieve with social media. SMART goals help you develop and execute your objectives. For a guideline to creating a marketing plan which outlines your strategies and goals, read How to Create a Social Media Strategy in 8 Easy Steps (Newberry, Lepage, 2021).

Why Choose Pinterest?

Pinterest drives tons of traffic because it is a powerful search engine. When your Pinterest image is pinned a link leads back to you. These Inbound links are valuable traffic indicators. They boost your analytics and your Google page ranking.

Pinterest user behavior is not passive browsing. While Instagram and Facebook users spend lots of time scrolling through posts, Pinterest users show a high engagement of using search words and sharing pins and boards.

Inbound links are valuable traffic indicators. They boost your analytics and your Google page ranking (Driver, 2021).

However, with Pinterest, your images don’t disappear after one day. Images on Pinterest can build continued engagement due to the platform’s search capacity. Your Pinterest efforts have the potential to reach a broader audience within a more extended time ­span.

The Data:


The biggest selling factor for Pinterest is its referral potential, as it brings in 33% more referral traffic to user websites than Facebook.

Linking your social media accounts

You can optimize Social media accounts 

by linking them together. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Etsy, and YouTube are a few accounts that can be linked to Pinterest. This integration helps to maximize the time and effort you put into your posting. By streamlining your workflow through linked accounts, you benefit from higher returns for time invested.

Pinterest offers some unique positive benefits that make it worth considering adding to your social media channels.


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